Why Fiji

When the monotony of a million meetings, conventions and exhibitions saps your energy, the ‘happiest place on Earth’ is the perfect place to reboot. As the South Pacific’s hub, Fiji is easy to get to yet isolated enough to tune out life’s hustle and bustle. No more awkward networking events either, because our delightful cocktail of swaying palm trees, alabaster beaches and stunning sunsets will get people mingling, ideas bubbling and creativity flowing.

Our excellent range of accommodation is designed to relax and rejuvenate - from large, sprawling resorts to intimate boutique retreats. Book out the entire hotel or your own tropical island if you want. Most of our venues have excellent convention rooms and offer hi-tech fit-outs, five star catering and high-speed internet, allowing you to ‘disconnect’ without totally going off the grid. Capable and efficient hotel staff have done this countless times before so leave the dull logistical details to them while you contemplate other important tasks - like deciding what to do on your downtime.

And after you’re done discussing market trends or next year’s targets, trek lush tropical rainforests, dive colourful coral cities or get weightless in our warm turquoise waters. For a taste of the local life, venture out to the towns and cities to explore Fiji’s fascinating fusion of food and cultures. Whatever you decide, we guarantee you get your grin back by the time you leave our shores.